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The most important thing we can offer you is confidence. You will never take a major step in your career or business without it. That is, the confidence to take action, even when you’re not actually that confident. So when do people really progress from their current situation? When they know the advice they’re getting is resoundingly correct and customised, suiting their particular situation. We encourage you to put us to the test. Either book some time (complimentary) or tell us a little about what’s on your mind and then experience the Best Practice difference!

If not the world’s then certainly Australia’s leading advisory firm to the Accounting industry. More mergers, buy/sell transactions, and successful recruitment outcomes than any other specialist firm in Australia, not to mention our leadership, customer service, team development and productivity training, digital marketing, the list goes on and on.

Gain recognition for prior learning towards further studies. Improve your business advisory skills and substantially improve the value of your firms’ business advisory offering or use this to dramatically leverage your career by becoming a high value employee.

Feel free to review our comprehensive list of hot topics, and advisory services below, check the ones that suit you / your needs or interests and let us know. Alternatively, every first consult is free, every twelve months so why not book yours today!

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832 High St, Kew East, VIC 3102


1300 274 636