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Episode 1: Phil Richards

For over 20 years Phil has been on an entrepreneurial journey, having owned all sorts of crazy businesses, including a chain of optometry retail practices, starting NZs first online ecommerce contact lens store in 1998, invested in a petfood business in the US and 3 other businesses that all failed resulting in a 7 Figure loss – ouch!, started a Mobile Txt Messaging company in 4 countries, owned a large number of residential investment houses, he is a FCPA and has bought and still owns 16 Accounting Practices in NZ and consolidated them into a group, he was the king of Butter Chicken with a manufacturing factory in Delhi, India selling to big Brand Supermarkets and he is also the founder of SmartPayroll, a large cloud Payroll software company in AUS and NZ, with over 20,000 customers paying $5B of payroll pa. He has had 4 multi million $ exits. He retired at 35 and has completed 10 Ironman races including 2x finisher at the Hawaii, Ironman World Champs. But most importantly he is the proud Dad to Katie and Sam and Husband to Michelle.