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Episode 57: Troy Doudle

Troy has over 23 years of experience in Accounting and Commercial Business Operations. He has successfully developed an efficient business model that is equipped to endure the challenges of the ever-evolving industry of Accounting and Business Advisory. Troy is highly experienced in creating a firm that is an employer of choice, not easily achieved in rural areas, and transitioning to a 9-day fortnight. Troy’s firm also successfully launched financial planning from a $0 zero base and remarkably achieved profitable operations in only 90 days!

Troy and his business partner Brad have also created some innovative and leading HR strategies including hiring local talent as young as 19 years of age and teaching them Accounting. One of these recruits will be offered equity next year!

Troy attended ADBO last year as a speaker, hand-picked for winning the 2018 Best Practice National Accounting Firm of the Year for having a highly efficient firm producing $1.5M in revenues with only a 5.2 FTE headcount.