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Episode 3: Chris Hooper

Chris Hooper’s achievements: International accounting industry commentator, 2015 Most Innovative Firm, 2017 Editor’s Choice Award, AIM 30 Under 30 Some of the ways Chris works towards his mission are: • Leading by example with my company Accodex, a support platform for freelance accountants. • Teaching and mentoring accounting and business

Episode 2: Heather Smith

Author of Xero for Dummies and national finalist for the Australian 2019 Accounting Thought Leader of the Year, there is little Heather Smith has not done. With the insight of running a 100% cloud Platinum practice, Heather’s a Chartered Accountant and Content Strategist helping Cloud App solutions create and deliver compelling

Episode 1: Phil Richards

For over 20 years Phil has been on an entrepreneurial journey, having owned all sorts of crazy businesses, including a chain of optometry retail practices, starting NZs first online ecommerce contact lens store in 1998, invested in a petfood business in the US and 3 other businesses that all failed