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Episode 51: John Gowing

Business Advisory in the Bush! A chartered accountant. A cattle farmer. And now a small business educator and advisor. Meet John Gowing of Gowing Advisory. Six months ago he had no social media presence. Look at him go now. Collaborating with his local chamber of commerce, NAB, radio, and

Episode 50: Rod Drury

I just love how down to earth he is! Rod Drury founded global small business accounting platform Xero leading it to a top-performing $AU6B+ ASX100 company employing over 2500 people in 25+ locations. Rod remains as the largest shareholder and non-executive Director. After creating a number of successful technology

Episode 49: John Knight and Rebecca Mihalic

Last year as a panelist and expert commentator Rebecca Mihalic shared her journey transitioning to business advisory, tech stacks, and building a totally cloud-driven accounting practice. This year John Knight will lead ABDO2019 on the topics of fully integrated value-added services offering as well as bring his leader insights

Episode 48: Arek Rainczuk

How important is authentic social media content today? Everyone can tell a fake stock photo on your website. Arek specializes in telling stories about your business with authentic and impactful images that make your audience connect and trust you. Professional photography on your social media, website and other marketing

Episode 47: Ethan Cooney

Ethan is passionate about people, process and technology. Being involved in the accounting technology industry has given him the opportunity to work with hundreds of innovative accounting and bookkeeping firms all over the world, to transform the way they do business. Ethan strives to be a full-stack employee who

Episode 46: Daniel Richardson

FGS is a business created to help accounting firms make a change in their practice for the better. They have a passion for efficient use of modern technology and offer training + support in cloud systems, as well as operational support for firms that need it. Daniel is a